Launch of New Website

I’ve finally launched a new website based on GitHub Pages. This should make it easier for me to maintain and add content. Keep an eye on things over the coming weeks as I work to expand and improve its contents. My old York EECS website is still availble here and my ancient UofT DCS website is still available here, although I am planning to take down my DCS page soon.

Review article on Normalizing Flows

I recently co-authored a review article (preprint version) on Normalizing Flows which will be published in IEEE Transactions of Pattern Analysis and Machine Intellgience. Normalizing Flows is a topic that I’m excited about and looking to work more on in the future. If you’ve not seen it before, please check it out.

Return to Academia

I have returned full time to academia! At the moment I am working on expanding my lab and restarting my research program. Watch this space for updates in the near future!


Striving for Impact

I wrote a brief essay on striving for impact in research, in particular in machine learning. You can read it on TechVibes here.

Joining Borealis AI

I am excited to announce that I will be joining Borealis AI as a Researcher Director. This will be part time for now and become full time starting May 1st, when I take a leave of absence from my position at York University. Read more about Borealis and the work I’ll be doing there here.


Dynamic Texture Synthesis and Style Transfer

Our new paper on dynamic textures is now available on arXiv here and the website with more results and details can be found here. Also, I’ll be attending CVPR in July. If you’re going to be there and would like to meet up, feel free to drop me an email.

Upcoming Travel

I also recently visited the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Princeton University to deliver the IDeAS Seminar on April 27th. I’ll next be visiting and speaking at several places in Montreal and Lausanne this month. Feel free to say hello!

Introducing cryoSPARC

cryoSPARC Thermus Reconstruction A major focus of my research over the last few years as been into new methods for the determination of 3D structures of viruses and proteins. A big piece of that work has been published today in Nature Methods. This article describes the algorithmic advances which underpin cryoSPARC. This work was done in collaboration with Ali Punjani (PhD Student, University of Toronto), John Rubinstein (Senior Research Scientist, Hospital for Sick Children) and David Fleet (Professor, University of Toronto).
For a non-technical introduction to our work, you can take a look at this story out of University of Toronto, Scarborough.