Join My Group

I am always on the look out for talented students who are passionate about research in computer vision and machine learning and are strongly oriented towards mathematical and probabilistic methodology. If this sounds like you and you want join my group to do high quality research then please read the following carefully and then fill out this form. You may email me if you like but please note that I receive a lot of email and may take a long time to reply, if I am able to answer at all. In particular, if you email me asking questions which are clearly answered here I am unlikely to reply! Below are a few opportunities that may be available in the lab as well as additional information.

Student Visitors and Interns

If you are an student in a related area at another institution there may be an opportunity for you to spend some time visiting with my group or doing an internship. Please note that I generally do not take undergraduate interns from universities outside of Canada. Graduate students from other institutions may visit for a day or two (e.g., giving a talk, meeting with myself and other students) or stay for longer periods of time to build up a collaboration.

Postdoctoral Fellows

If you have recently finished your PhD or are expecting to finish it soon and would like to do a postdoc with me you may be able to join my group as a postdoc. Note that currently I do not have specific funding available for a postdoc. If you do not have your own funding, please note that you would need to successfully apply for funding before joining my group. Please do not apply for funding before contacting me via email or the form above.

Graduate Students

Admissions decisions are made by a centralized committee in consultation with faculty such as my self. To ensure that I see your application and that it is given due consideration mention my name in your application to the EECS Graduate Program at York University and fill out this form. Please note that application deadlines are typically in late Fall (e.g., November or December) for admission to the program in September of the following year. On occasion, there are extensions to this deadline. Note that applications submitted after the deadline are may not be given full consideration and it is *strongly* advised that students apply by the first application deadline. Submitting later can seriously reduce the chances that your file is ever seriously considered.

IMPORTANT: I do not run the admissions process. I cannot give you an update on the status of your application unless I have already contacted you directly about your application. I cannot admit you directly to the program without an application to the program. I cannot waive the program requirements around GPAs or English-language scores (and they are generally quite strict). Do not ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking graduate students?

Yes, I will be taking students for the 2022-2023 academic year at both the MSc and PhD levels.

Is there funding or financial support available for your graduate students?

Yes, in general all of my graduate students are fully funded at or above the levels detailed by the EECS graduate program. There are also other opportunities for scholarships and additional funding available from a variety of sources.

What is the timeline of the admissions process? When are admissions decisions made?

Applications generally start being accepted in the fall, typically around October or November with a deadline in December. This deadline is often (though not always!) extended to sometime in February. Students are *strongly* encouraged to apply as soon as possible, particularly international students. Waiting to submit your application materials can significantly delay your file in the application system, meaning that I may not even be able to see your application by the time I start interviewing and making recommendations.

Generally I begin reviewing applications in December and start interviewing candidates in January. I will begin making recommendations in February but they can be made as late as April or May depending on a number of factors. Official admissions offers will typically go out a few weeks after my recommendations are made, assuming that your application is complete and otherwise meets the admissions requirements. Note that if your application is incomplete or non-standard that it could take longer or even entirely prevent the official offer from being made.

I want to join your group as a grad student but I have my own funding and wouldn’t need financial support. Can I join?

Student admission decisions for my group are made regardless of financial support. You will still need to proceed through the usual application and admissions process. Note the EECS program does offer an unfunded, professionally oriented Masters program with an AI specialization. Admissions for this program are not tied to a specific supervisor but you’re welcome to apply.

I want to do a Masters, should I apply to the MSc in Computer Science or MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering?

I supervise students in both programs so it’s largely up to you. Both programs have a thesis requirement, however they differ in terms of course requirements. Perhaps most significantly they differ in terms of admissions requirements. However note that if it’s believed that a student may be better suited to another program their application can be transferred. In short, it doesn’t really matter much at the admissions stage for my group.