About Me

I’m an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at York University, a Faculty Affiliate at the Vector Institute and an Adjunct Professor in the University of Toronto Department of Computer Science. I am a member of the Centre for Vision Research and core member of the Vision: Science to Application (VISTA) program. I currently serve as an Associate Editor for IET Computer Vision and have been an Area Chair for a number of conferences.

I am also a Visiting Professor at Samsung AI Center - Toronto, a co-founder and advisor of Structura Biotechnology (makers of cryoSPARC) and an Academic Advisor at Borealis AI. Previously, I was a Research Director (2018-2020) at Borealis AI, a Research Associate at Cadre Research Labs (makers of TopMatch-GS) and one of the original contributors to Stan.

I studied at the University of Toronto where I received my PhD in 2011. I also did postdocs at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago and the University of Toronto. See my CV for more details.

Research Interests

I am interested in building rich, detailed models which capture fundamental relationships between the world and our observations of it. Such models ultimately enable us to measure and predict sometimes surprising details.

Most recently I have been focusing on generative models, specifically normalizing flows. My research has been exploring theoretical aspects of normalizing flows and their applications. I also have an interest on the problem of estimating the 3D structure of biological molecules such as proteins and viruses with Cryo-EM. Beyond those current focuses, I have also worked on vehicle localization for robotics, physically realistic models of human motion, probabilistic programming languages, Bayesian methods, MCMC and forensic ballistics.

Prospective Students

Interested in joining my group? I’m also on the look out for exceptional students and colleagues to work with. More information is available here.

Recent News

New Papers Now Available

The following new papers are now available:

Papers accepted to CVPR 2022

Happy to announce three accepted papers at CVPR this year! They are currently not yet available but will be made available soon.

Seminar at Amii

I will be giving a seminar about my work on normalizing flows on Friday at Amii. More information, including timing and registration, can be found here. Can’t make this one? There are several more seminars in the works for the next few months.

Recent Preprints and Workshop Papers on arXiv

Several new workshop papers and preprints are now available on arXiv!

Joining Samsung AI Toronto

I am excited to announce that I have joined the Toronto Samsung AI Center part time as a Visiting Professor. I will be overseeing projects in computer vision and machine learning with their excellent team of researchers. If you’re looking for an industrial position, be sure to check them out!

For more news see here.